About Us

Our Services


M CON, LLC is an underground utility contractor based in Wathena, Kansas. Owner Tyler Miller, and his team of dedicated and highly qualified employees, strives to provide their customers with the most reliable and affordable underground services throughout the Midwest.

Our History


M CON, LLC was founded in January of 2006, to provide an internal company that would stretch out to all areas of the Midwest.  Through our dedication to becoming one of the underground leaders in the Midwest, M CON, LLC has completed projects in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas and continues to reach out to an unlimited boundary bringing value to clients throughout.

Our Specialities


M CON, LLC is a full service construction company providing in-house resources capable of completing large to small multi-task projects, while providing quality through safety every step of the way. Team M CON specializes in a wide variety of underground utilities ranging from water, sewer, gas and electrical to telecommunications. Our commitment to completing our projects on time with quality workmanship continues to provide our customers superb satisfaction.