M CON, LLC Owners Lindsey & Tyler were the recipients of the Doniphan County Chamber of Commerce 2018 Rising Entrepreneur Award. 

Below message is from Tyler and was read during the award presentation:

"Growing up working day in and day out throughout the weekends and summers with my father Jim and his construction company Miller Construction, I could only dream of what the future would hold but I knew it would always involve my childhood passion “digging in the dirt”! At the early age of 6 I began running bobcats on construction sites “still play the old vhs videos from time to time” for my father and helping labor on projects ranging from digging basements for new homes to installing water and sewer lines throughout Doniphan County. During my childhood my parents Jim and Mindy Miller taught me that hard work was a way of life and if you stay the course and treat all people and your customers with respect life will be all that you make of it and more. 

With those words of wisdom and time on my side our company was born. In 2006 I along with 1 employee took to the road traveling to Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Western Kansas spending weeks and months on the road trenching and boring as a subcontractor for large pipeline companies. Days were spent as I was taught at an early age working sun up to sundown no matter the conditions to get the projects completed on time for the customer. Spending the years from 2006 to 2009 on the road away from my wife Lindsey and kids Bryer, Brailee and Bentlee that were growing up without my presence back home I was able to land our first project close to home in Manhattan, KS. The project went better than expected and helped solidify the company in the underground utility industry in a market “close to home”. 

With the support of my wife working beside me we began adding employees to keep up with the new found workload in the Eastern half of Kansas as well as the Western half of Missouri all while maintaining our relationship in the States that brought us to life. We continued to add employees and equipment to keep up with the fast pace and ever changing world of construction but not without speed bumps and hurdles that made us both question on a regular basis if we were doing the right thing. The answer was yes, throughout all of the trials and tribulations we dedicated ourselves to continue growing and provide customers quality workmanship driven by safety as well as a place our employees could call home built around core family values.

Today with the support of all of our clients and employees M CON, LLC employs 81 people of which 51 are from the Doniphan County area including the fourth generation of Miller boys digging in the dirt our sons Bryer 22 and Barrett 7! Lindsey and I are committed to continue to be a leader in the Underground Utility Market and are grateful to call Doniphan County, Kansas USA home!!"