Working together with IDE Construction and Management, and with the Developer, MD Management, to bring future residential housing to North Kansas City!!!

Fountain Hills is a 73 Lot Subdivision ~

This project features the following ~
70,392 yards of Cut
91,604 yards of fill
4,000 LF of 8" and 10" Sanitary Sewer with 16   Manholes
3,600 LF of 15" thru 90" Storm Piping and 33 Storm Inlet Boxes
3,500 LF of 8" and 12" DIP Watermain

The M CON Crew for this project consists of:

Michael Puckett, Site Superintendent
Lyle Potts, Operator
Richard Servaes, Operator
Tayten Puckett, Driver
Ed McClellan, Driver